About Fit Living Foodies

Alex Navarro by Barnaby Draper
Photo by Barnaby Draper

Alex Navarro

Online Coach | Nutrition Consultant | Recipe Wizard

Alex Navarro is a nationally-renowned personal trainer, fitness competitor, and nutrition programmer utilizing The Carb Nite Solution® and Carb Backloading™ protocols. She has helped hundreds of clients—and thousands more online—reach their fitness goals through a combination of workout programming, nutritional planning, and food science education. Alex is a WBFF Pro Bikini Diva and a former Ms. Natural Fitness Olympia. She has been active in the fitness competition scene since 2007.

Mary Gines Headshot
Photo by eMGee Media

Mary J. Gines

Digital Media Specialist | Creative Dork | Food Taster

Mary J. Gines earned a BFA in digital media from San Jose State University and a Master’s Cert. in Online Marketing from the University of San Francisco. As a former national-level NPC bikini competitor and professional model, her combination of creativity and technical expertise and understanding of fit living made her the perfect choice to collaborate on this project. Mary is the official Fit Living Foodies taste tester and brings her creativity and “recipe investigatory” skills to the cutting board with her knack for researching menus of the local restaurants for ideas and “how can we make it different?” She is manages the “backend” operations for both AlexNavarroFitness.com and FitLivingFoodies.com. If you’re interested in Mary’s expertise, please visit her website.

How We Got Started

It’s been almost two years since we bonded over our first Carb Nite together. During our epic feast we shared a mutual love for food, fitness, and a desire to spread the word on eating the most “un-diet” like foods to reach ones health and fitness goals. That’s where it all began…

So long cardio!

Flashback a couple years earlier and you’d see two bikini competitors with very different eating habits. Can you guess what we were eating? Yup… 6 small meals a day that were low-fat, had lean protein with the occasional slow-digesting carbs and veggies. There was no place for dairy products, beef was generally not on the menu, and “cheat” meals were out-of-the-question. And you better believe that when we did “cheat” we paid for it in the gym with more cardio. Oh, the long cardio sessions – the usual fix-all solutions for the short fallings of our traditional competition prep diets. Needless to say we were hungry, tired and bored of the same old chicken and broccoli. That is until we discovered a nutritional program that would forever change the way we viewed food and how we could use unconventional eats to achieve the health, longevity and physiques we wanted.

Contest prep eating bacon and cookies?!

We were introduced to The Carb Nite Solution® (CNS) at different times. I began using CNS back in 2010 to prep for the Fitness Universe Pageant where I placed 2nd (and I ate cookies the night before the show!!) I had never prepped for a competition by eating bacon everyday and ending my weeks devouring my favorite pastries, at night! It was witnessing competition prep like mine that convinced Mary to give CNS a try. She saw other competitors eating all the foods that she loved and achieving amazing results from doing so. She wanted in.

Teamwork at its finest…

Our food collaboration began during our time working with Athlete.io (formerly Dangerously Hardcore). I was the recipe creator and she took all the fabulous photos of my ultra-low carb creations. The best part was being able to eat all the delicious meals after and of course to brainstorm our next epic Carb Nite plans (come on, we know you all do that too!). We loved bringing delicious recipes to life and sharing them with other like-minded health and fitness enthusiasts. What we didn’t expect was for our passion for food to turn into a mission – to spread the word on transforming yourself, from the inside out, by eating the unexpected.   We started CNS for ourselves – to feel better, look better, and live better. Now, we’re here to bring you the very best recipes, foodie tips and insightful info on living a fitter life, one piece of bacon at a time.

We hope you join us on all our cooking and eating adventures! Now who's hungry?!