Ultra Low Carb Super Bowl Recipes

Super Bowl Appetizers

Are you as excited for Sunday as we are?

I mean, what could be better than an assortment of appetizers and finger foods, some of the best commercials of the year and friends and family? Hmmm…did we forget something? Oh ya, there’s some big game on too. Eh, since the 49er’s didn’t make it we kind of lost interest (after all, we are from the SF Bay Area!).

Whether you’re a Carolina Panthers fan or you’re rooting for the Denver Broncos, there’s one thing we can all agree on – everyone will be eating good food!

The question is: Will you be eating Ultra-Low Carb or did you plan your Carb Nite for the big game?

Either way you choose to eat we’ve created a few tasty ULC appetizers that are easy to make, packed with flavor and are sure to satisfy any Super Bowl fan. Get your napkins ready and bring your appetite!

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