Al Dente

Food cooked so it is still firm to the bite, but not soft.


The stage when the water is in full motion and the bubbles rapidly rise to the surface.


Cooking food under direct high heat.


To cut foods with a knife or food processor into smaller pieces, of no particular shape.


To cut into 1/2 inch cubes.


To cut foods with a knife or food processor into tiny cubes.


To cut into thin, long, matchstick strips.


To chop food into very fine pieces.


Actually meaning “to jump”! Referring to the constant motion of the food in a pan, either by stirring or shaking the pan. It usually requires the use of a hot pan and some oil or butter.


The stage when the water is in motion but almost no bubbles break the surface of the water.


The meaning changes slightly when referring to things like eggs, versus cookies or cheesecake. In general, it refers to the edges being slightly firm and the middle or top no longer looking wet.


Cutting flat, thin pieces.


To stabilize certain products. Mixing a small amount of a hot ingredient into a cold ingredient before adding them all together. For example, when a hot liquid, like soup, is mixed with cold cream, it is added slowly, whisking the entire time, so the dairy doesn’t curdle.


Easy to cut or chew; not tough.


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