Work with Alex

My dream is to teach my clients the way to consistency through balance. Whether you’re looking to lose a few inches, gain confidence in the gym, improve your health or step on stage, balance is the key to being consistent and staying the course.

I don’t believe in quick fixes, crash or extreme dieting, cardio crazes or sacrificing your lifestyle along the way.

I’m dedicated to educating my clients on proper nutrition, training and the critical lifestyle factors that create a successful approach to health and fitness. There is no one-size-fits-all approach and I help clients make educated decisions about their fitness lifestyle based on each individuals needs and phase of life. Please inquire below and let me know which service is most fitting your current needs. Not sure what’s best for you? Shoot me a message and we’ll figure it out together!



Determine if coaching is right for you

4-Week Lifestyle & Nutrition Coaching

A kickstart to a lifestyle change

6-Week Training Programming

Taking body-sculpting to a whole new level

In-Person Training

For hands-on guidance during your workouts

Contest Prep Coaching

Get stage ready for any competition

Competition Posing

Stage presence is everything

Follow-up Sessions

Need a little accountability?

Seminars and Workshops

Book Alex for your next event

Please note: If you are looking specifically for help with Carb Backloading™ or the Carb Nite® Solution, please email