Contest Prep Coaching | Starting at $150/week

What's included:

* Prep timelines can range from 8-20 weeks based on individual’s current physique. This will be determined during your consultation, current progress pictures, and a realistic look at each individual’s lifestyle.

Customized Nutrition

Customized nutrition based on timeline to stage and competition category.

Supplementation Recommendations

Supplementation recommendations to compliment nutritional program.

Customized Training

  • Customized training programming based on competition category, lifestyle, schedule and available equipment.
  • HIIT cardio programming included.

Ensure Proper Form

Training adjustments and video analysis for proper form and execution.

HIIT Cardio

HIIT Cardio recommendations may be included if and when relevant, based on goals and needs.


Weekly email check-ins and progress updates with feedback, including program modifications based on progress and timeline to stage.

Suit, Hair, & Make-up

Guidance and recommendations on suit selection, hair and make-up.

Peak Week Plan

Week of show plan (peak week) and day-to-day communication and check-in’s.

Day of Show

Day of Show communication and support.

Post-Show Nutrition

Two-weeks Post-Show nutrition and support because what you do after the show is just as important as all the work put in leading up to the event.

Skype Support

Skype support and strong communication through entire prep.

Payment Plans and Budgeting Tips Available

Competing is an expensive hobby and if you’re ready to invest in yourself I’m here to help you do so without breaking the bank!

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